The Clock

15th September 1896

It is said that a joke was made about somebody in the party at the Opening Ceremony not knowing the time so, with a laugh, Alderman Blaker added to his gift the clock tower in the park.He donated £1,000 for the building of the clock tower and for any money left over to go towards the maintenance of the Park.

The Evening Argus of 15th September 1896 describes the dedication of the clock:

‘The Clock Tower which the Mayor of Brighton (Alderman J.G. Blaker) has placed in the recreation ground presented by him some little time ago, was this afternoon formally handed over into the keeping of the Brighton Corporation.

‘The tower is a square ornamented structure of steel and cast iron, fifty feet high, finished bronze, picked out here and there with gold.

‘The dials measure 5 foot in diameter, and the ball of which the hours are struck weighs 7 cwt. The dial will be illuminated at night, the gas being turned on and off by an automatic arrangement. The designers and constructors of the clock and tower are Messrs. Gillett & Johnston of Croydon’.

The clock was started at four o’clock in the afternoon by Miss Jessie Blaker, Alderman Blaker’s daughter, in the presence of a large number of members of the Town Council and friends.