Emergency helicopter in Blakers Park

Wednesday 25th January 11am

The injured cyclist is placed in the helicopter


The park was used as an emergency landing pad for a medical helicopter to ferry the victim of a road accident to hospital in London. The patient had suffered severe head injuries when she fell from her bike in Stanford Avenue, apparently trying to avoid a pedestrian. Early reports said the injuries were not life-threatening.
To speed her journey to specialist care, a helicopter landed in the dog-free area, the first time that an aircraft has been known to fly into and out of the park.
It was recorded on video by Mick Jefford, to whom we’re grateful for giving permission for it to be posted here. Click on the picture to watch it.

Click the picture to see Mick Jefford's video

The following day, The Argus published this story.

The Argus news story 26th January 2012

The Argus news story 26th January 2012