Council’s short video publicises our park

No animals were hurt in the making of this movie

Title shot from council video

"Deserves an Oscar" Daily Mail

The Council’s short film about Blakers Park has been published on its new web pages for CityParks. Unfortunately the dimwit in front of the camera gets in the way of what is otherwise a charming piece of footage. We understand that the presenter was going to be the CityParks ranger but, curiously, their annual leave clashed with the tight shooting schedule, leaving our Chair to blather in a monotone which should help insomniacs the world over to get a decent night’s sleep at last.

If you can’t wait for the full-length 3D version to be screened at the Duke of York’s, here’s a link to the relevant page on the Council’s website.

If you just want to see it naked, without all the Council trimmings though still with the strange background music, click the link below but be warned that it will take you away from this website.