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Find out what’s happening in and around Blakers Park. The list below shows forthcoming events – you can also see our archive of previous events.

Recommended Summer Reading

It’s shorter than the Da Vinci Code. It’s not as salacious as 50 Shades of Grey. It’s less fantastical than Harry Potter and the Half of Harvey’s. Yet, somehow, it touches a nerve. Yes, it’s the Friends of Blakers Park Newsletter Number 73 – which will last you all the way through June, July and August, if you are particularly careful with it’s delicate arrangement of pixels as you flip through its majestic pages on your tablet, smartphone, mobile device or oh-so-yesterday desktop computer screen. Although you have probably received your limited edition paper copy through your letterbox already, along with those collectable leaflets for flame-grilled burgers and a man whose business’s name suggests he is made out of sash windows, there’s nothing like squinting at tiny text on a glowing screen to experience the full satisfaction of being part of this neighbourhood so

your copy now. Then you can email it to your cousins in Ontario to prove that there’s more to life than equine dentistry.

Community Picnic and Summer Fair 2014

Community picnic in the park

Saturday 14th June 11.30 – 5.00 pm

Organised by the Friends of Blakers Park and run in association with Stanford Avenue Methodist Church

Meet your friends, family and neighbours at our al fresco day-long party. Live music, stalls and games.

Bouncy Castle, fire engine, face painting, home made cakes, barbecue, plants, books, stalls, raffle and Past & Present: A History of Blakers Park & Blaker’s Shopping Bag on sale!

Please tell everyone about the picnic by

and putting it up for all to see at your work, school and community centres.

Free entry

But please bring a tin of food to donate to FareShare, the community food network.

Dogs on leads are welcome but only if their owners behave and instantly remove any mess, because it’s being held in the chld-friendly dog-free area. The Park Rangers will be on hand to lend firm advice.

The deadlne for submitting stall booking forms was 31st May. If there happens to be any spaces on the day, they might be available for rent at £25 each.


The Friends aim to be sustainable in all we do and we ask all who come to the pcnic to help us acheve this on the day. This includes minimising the the waste that is generated, reusing as much waste as possible and taking home any waste for which you are responsible. If you can avoid driving to Blakers Park, please do so.

Help Blakers bloom

Unfortunately gardening in Blakers Park appears to be very low down in the priorities of CityParks and it is one of the few in the city not to have a dedicated Council gardener. This means our existing flower beds, as pictured, have been planted and maintained entirely by volunteers.
Now that we have two more beds we need help from more volunteer gardeners. The Friends are acquiring plants already to put in the beds, some from CityParks nurseries and others that we are buying.
All that’s needed are a few friendly gardeners to spend one or two hours a week making Blakers Park even better for the community.
Could this be you, or someone you know?
If so, send us an e-mail.  (friendsatblakersparkdotorgdotuk)   or call Emma Keane, our CityParks ranger, on 01273 292929.

Blakers Park Tennis Club

Every Saturday afternon, Sunday morning and Tuesday evenings & alternate Wednesday and Thursday evenings

Members of Blakers Park Tennis Club play each other at weekends in a courageous bid to maintain their fitness and skill levels so that they win their weekday evening Parks League matches.

They have paid the council a not inconsiderable sum to reserve the courts during the above sessions. Spectators are welcome to judge whether it is money well spent…

The club runs four teams in the Parks League and some might think they were part of a yo-yo league the way they bounce up and down the divisions. This year they have a very satisfying spread – with one team in each of the four divisions.

Do cheer them on – and be reasonably civil to their opponents.

Meet the Fiveways Local Action Team

6.30pm on the first Thursday of every month

The Action Team meet at 6.30pm on the first Thursday of every month at St Matthias Church Hall.

Who are the Action Team?

Well, they are Councillors and local police officers but, most importantly, they are us – local residents who are keen to preserve and improve the good things about living here.


St Matthias Church Hall

Christmas Carols

Friday 20th December 2013 6pm – 7pm

We’re thrilled that the community carol singing will return to Blakers Park this Christmas. Bring the whole family with home-made lanterns and gather round for traditional carols, with music provided by local musicians. Not to be missed!

Download the poster by clicking on it, then print it out and display it for all to see.

Download the carol sheets here.

Everyone, particularly the younger Friends of Blakers Park, are encouraged to add a warm glow to the evening by bringing lovely lanterns. They are easy to make, as you can see below, and every child should be able to tell their adults how to do it. All that’s needed is a bamboo, some string, a jamjar and a tea light (in plain English, that’s a small candle).

DO try this at home - and bring it to the carols

As you will want to enjoy what will be a highlight of the year in Blakers Park, sign up for news updates in the form on the right hand side of this page.

The Wonder of Woollies

Thursday 26th December 12 noon to 1pm

Festive stewards will control the crowds

The fourth annual informal Christmas Jumper, Hat, Scarf and Gloves Parade. Wear your new woollies with pride and show the world how warm and cosy you feel. Get up off the sofa, move those legs towards the park and laugh with gusto in the face of Jack Frost. Any onlookers caught smirking on the sidelines will be condemned to suffer runny noses all year round.

Reed orl abaht it!

Don’t panic – relief is here. Just when you’ve finished reading every single newspaper, magazine and book in your possession, and just when your Kindle has run out of power, and just when everybody else in your home is insisting on watching every episode of The Gilmore Girls back to back, and just when it’s the

The stories Edward Snowden missed

shipping forecast on the radio, and just when you’re wondering how on earth to keep your enormous brain stimulated and functioning, along comes salvation in the form of the Friends of Blakers Park newsletter, issue 71, Autumn 2013.

Packed with many words, several of them different and quite a few with more than one syllable, and eight, yes eight – count them if you can – pictures almost entirely related to your favourite local park, it’s bound to uplift the heart and gladden the spirit. In fact, we are so confident that it will enhance your entire being that we promise to give you your money back if it doesn’t.

Download it for free right now

Transition Fiveways

Ongoing throughout the year

Swap Meets and events organised by Transition Fiveways. Keep an eye on them!