About the Friends

The Friends began in 1989 as a community group to protect the park from a specific threat – the proposal to lay a hard surface over the southernmost area and “condense” the playground. A well-organised campaign prevented it from happening and the area is now the extremely popular children’s playground.

From that enthusiastic launch, the Friends has grown into a local institution, focused on enhancing the park. We chivvy and work with the Council to keep the park up to scratch. We improve the park through our planting programme. We put on community events. We support neighbourhood organisations and community groups that wish to use the park.

There is a committee of volunteers and everyone who has good ideas and wants to help is welcome to get involved.

Membership is open to all and is ridiculously affordable at £3 a year. Our strength is in our numbers so why not join today?

Recommended Summer Reading

It’s shorter than the Da Vinci Code. It’s not as salacious as 50 Shades of Grey. It’s less fantastical than Harry Potter and the Half of Harvey’s. Yet, somehow, it touches a nerve. Yes, it’s the Friends of Blakers Park Newsletter Number 73 – which will last you all the way through June, July and August, if you are particularly careful with it’s delicate arrangement of pixels as you flip through its majestic pages on your tablet, smartphone, mobile device or oh-so-yesterday desktop computer screen. Although you have probably received your limited edition paper copy through your letterbox already, along with those collectable leaflets for flame-grilled burgers and a man whose business’s name suggests he is made out of sash windows, there’s nothing like squinting at tiny text on a glowing screen to experience the full satisfaction of being part of this neighbourhood so

your copy now. Then you can email it to your cousins in Ontario to prove that there’s more to life than equine dentistry.

The Committee

A more serious moment at a Committee meeting.

We hold our Committee meetings at least once every three months.

The Committee currently includes:

  • Caroline Bottrell
  • Marion Clark
  • Marjorie Cozens
  • Sally Cranfield
  • Gerry Faulks (Treasurer)
  • Max Glaskin (Chair)
  • Sam Hart
  • Ian Lawes (co-opted)
  • Graham Preston (Vice Chair & Membership Secretary)
  • Tara Rogers (Secretary)
  • Marsali Stuart

Philip Smith is our Honorary Life President.

You can contact us by e-mail  (blakersparkathotmaildotcodotuk)   or contact the Officers directly.

Our constitution

The Committee of the Friends of Blakers Park is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting every autumn. According to our constitution, it “shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and not more than 10 other members”. Two additional members may be co-opted by the Committee at any time.

Join us

Our ability to protect the park, plant the flower beds, clean the graffiti and to put on community events such as the annual Community Picnic, the Open Air Art Show, the Playground Party, Blaker’s Big Night and the Spring Clean depends entirely on support from local residents.

In other words, we need you to join.

It’s not expensive, only £3 for a year and it’s easier to join than sliding down the dog-free area on a tin tray during the snow.

Please download our Membership Form.

Contact us

E-mail us

We can all be emailed at blakersparkathotmaildotcodotuk  (blakersparkathotmaildotcodotuk)  

Contact details for the officers

If you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns about Blakers Park then you might like to discuss them with the Friends. We are always happy to listen and have built up some useful knowledge and experience that might help. If we can’t, then we’ll be pleased to point you in the right direction for the information and assistance you need.



Max Glaskin (Chair) is at

77 Chester Terrace

phone 07981 490516